Community Contribution Awards

Comtech Fire Credit Union believes in recognizing the contributions made by our members in the communities we serve. Each year, we present three awards honouring the contributions a member has made, each aligned with our three founding Credit Unions, Comtech Credit Union, Fire Services Credit Union and Limestone Credit Union.

The John Ryder award recognizes the efforts and contributions of an Ontario fire fighter to the fire service community. it is the highest award that Fire Services Credit Union has presented over the years, named after a Toronto fire fighter and former Credit Union General Manager who himself made significant contributions to the Credit Union, its members and to the broader fire service community.

The Scott Jamieson community service award is named after an active member of our board of directors who served for over 10 years and as board chair from 2003 until his passing in June 2007. Mr. Jamieson was very active in the community with the Boy Scouts of Canada, coaching the West Hill softball and hardball baseball leagues, and as an ordained elder for his church. He was highly respected by his colleagues and friends for his generous spirit and commitment to community. This important community service award is a tribute to him and the legacy he leaves to all of us. This award is presented to a member from our original Comtech Credit Union membership.

The Tom Baldwin community service award is named after Tom Baldwin, who served Limestone Credit Union for more than 30 years as a director, and board chair. Tom also volunteered for the Heart and Stroke Foundation for many years and at the Church of the Redeemer where he completed all the electrical work required to re-commission a 1930’s vintage theatre organ that was used for both religious purposes and public concerts. He spent a tremendous amount of time helping friends and relatives around him. This award is presented to a member from the Limestone Credit Union membership.

Each of these awards is presented at our Annual General Meeting, and includes a donation to the recipient’s charity of choice.

To submit your recommendation for a deserving recipient, please download the attached PDF application form here and return it to