Personal Credit

Get Smart. Reduce your borrowing costs and SAVE!

For most of us, being in debt is a fact of life. We borrow to pay for school, buy a car, own a house or take a vacation – there are lots of good reasons to have debt. But, all those good reasons can have a bad effect on your budget if you don’t manage your borrowing costs wisely. High interest loans and credit cards can cost you thousands of dollars in extra interest and keep you in debt much longer than you need to be.

Are you paying too much in monthly interest payments? Then it’s time to do your homework and get smart about your borrowing costs. Comtech Fire’s Smart Credit program lets you pay off those expensive loans and credit cards with a low-interest consolidation loan or line of credit – our rates start as low as Credit Union prime.

You’ll save thousands of dollars in interest, get out of debt faster and have more money in your pocket every month. Check out the chart and see for yourself.

What it costs to pay off a $10,000 balance at $300/month:

- Interest rate Time to pay it off Interest costs
Comtech Fire
6.25%* 17 months $1,013
Department store charge card 28.80% 68 months $10,359
Major credit card 18.50% 47 months $4,144

*All rates and comparisons depicted here are for illustration purposes only and may vary based on terms and conditions.

Smart Credit is brilliant! By reducing your borrowing costs, you’ll be able to pay less and afford more. If you invest the money you save in an RRSP or higher-interest savings plan, you’ll get even better financial results – our expert advisors will show you how. You don’t have to be “brainy” to apply – it’s easy! Complete an application at your branch, over the phone or online.

Be smart about your money. Manage your debt wisely and contact your Credit Union first for expert advice.