Personal Banking Service Fees

The Cost of Banking Just Got Smaller

Online Banking Free
Bill Payment Varies Per Package Plan (check with Branch)
ATM Deposit Free
Comtech ATM Withdrawal Free
THE EXCHANGE Network Withdrawal Free
Interac ATM Withdrawal $1.90        
Foreign ATM Withdrawal $2.00
US ACCEL Network Withdrawal $2.00
Point Of Sale (POS) $0.75
US ACCEL Network Point Of Sale $1.00
Inter-institutional Funds Transfer Free
Account Administration Fee Varies Per Package Plan (check with Branch)
Chequing Debits Varies Per Package Plan (check with Branch)
Pre-Authorized Credit Varies Per Package Plan (check with Branch)
Certified Cheques (members) $10.00
Official Cheque/Bank Draft $10.00
Overdraft Protection $5.00
Unauthorized Overdraft $5.00
NSF Items $45.00
Chargebacks (3rd Party) $5.00
Chargebacks (Own Item) $45.00
NSF Presentation Fee $20.00
Stop Payment $20.00
Incoming collection item $10.00
Copy of cheque cleared (90 days) $2.00
Copy of cheque cleared (after 90 days) $30 per hour
Life Saver High Interest Savings Account Withdrawal 1 free per month
$5.00 each subsequent per month
Tax Free Savings Account 1 free per month
$5.00 each subsequent per month
Commissioner Services $50.00
Estate Administration on Life Insured Savings Accounts $25 to $250
Annual Dormant Fee $25.00
Account Closed within 6 to 24 months $10.00
Transfer Out Fee On Registered Products $135.00
Wire Transfers Outgoing (Domestic & International) $50.00
Wire Transfers Incoming (Domestic & International) $40.00
US Dollar Drafts $25.00
Technology Fee (semi-annual) $2.00
E Transfers Outgoing $1.90
E Transfers Incoming Free

Service Charges effective Aug 13th, 2019.
NOTE: All service charges will be debited to your account throughout the month. Reimbursement of fees applicable to your Rewards level will occur on the first business day of the following month.

* Monthly account administration fee applies to an account with an average monthly balance of less than $1,000.

Monthly account administration fee does not apply to trust accounts, secondary joint account holders, Smart Savers Student Accounts, MemberLink Accounts and new members less than twelve months.