Annual General Meeting


A sincere thank you to all who registered and attended our virtual annual meeting on Tuesday, March 30, 2021! We also wanted to extend our appreciation for your participation in what makes our credit union unique – the commitment of our membership.  At Comtech Fire Credit Union we would like to re-iterate that we are grateful to our members and our communities for trusting us with their financial health and well-being, and for their continued strength and support this past year.

Our 2021 Virtual Meeting attendance more than quadrupled from last year; regrettably our Video Conferencing Platform created some unforeseen obstacles that were beyond our control.  As a result of this, some members were either delayed in logging on to the meeting or were unable to log on to the video portion of the meeting.  We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. 

As indicated during the online presentation, a full recording of the AGM is now available to all members below.

Please take some time to review the presentation if you were not able to log on to the meeting.  Questions can be submitted to Dave Birak, CEO at and we will ensure that every question or concern is addressed.

The second half of our meeting was focused on our Director election.  On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management we would like to start by thanking all seven candidates for their interest in the Board and ultimately in the stewardship of our Credit Union.  Regrettably we only had four positions to be filled in 2021.  We have enclosed the link to the Nominating Committee Report for your review.  We were very pleased with the support in the election process as 88% of our 176 registrants elected to cast a ballot.   On behalf of the Nominating Committee and the Board of Directors of Comtech Fire Credit Union, we would like to officially announce that the following candidates have been chosen by you, the members, to represent our Credit Union:

Hugh Doherty Elected to a three-year term
Jeff Stubbs Elected to a three-year term
Joanne McDonnell Elected to a three-year term
Catherine Fagnan Elected to a two-year term

We would like to personally thank Scott Marks, Peter Osterberg and Nik Lemieux for your interest in becoming a Director at Comtech Fire and we are proud to keep working with all three of you as valued members of our Credit Union. In closing, we learned in 2021 that an online event requires the same commitment from our organization as a face-to-face event. For that we would like to extend a special thanks to those who worked behind the scenes to ensure a smooth evening.  Big thanks to Karen Lockwood who was the point of contact for all of you these past weeks, as well as the rest of the team that stayed late into the evening to assist our members through the Election Process.  We look forward to hosting you all for a face-to-face AGM next year.  Stay safe.

Jeff Stubbs

Chair of the Board

Dave Birak